Kaiseki Concept

"Kaiseki” is a multi-course Japanese haute cuisine featuring seasonal ingredients cooked in a variety of cooking methods.


Meticulous preparation.

Beautiful presentation.



Kaiseki roots date back four centuries, then as a light meal preceding tea ceremonies; in modern-day restaurant culture the courses increased and evolved. Enduring is the experience of meticulous hospitality representing the finest of Japan, where every detail, from the presentation decor, to the plated food presentation expresses the season and honors the culture.

In addition to modern Kaiseki dining, wa’z offers highly coveted Chef's Counter seating. This premium seating includes full kitchen views, interaction with the Chef Hiro and the ultimate tasting experience with Chef’s choice Kaiseki while you learn about it's history.

Wa’z is a Japanese Kaiseski restaurant that distinguishes its menu with a modern, Northwest Kaiseki tasting menu of fresh artful, seasonal fare.




Kaiseki, translating to "bosom-pocket stone" dates back to the 15th century when Zen Monks used large warm stones in their robes to ward off hunger preceding tea ceremonies and family gatherings. In modern-day restaurant culture the courses increased and evolved drawing upon Japanese 3 haute cuisines such as imperial court cuisine, Buddhist cuisine of temples & samurai cuisines of warrior households.